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Learn Free English Speaking Lessons (ESL) with Teacher Phil English!

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This free English school will help you speak fluent English. English as a Second Language (ESL) videos should be available to anyone. I am a free English Teacher. All videos are made with learning in mind. Subtitles and clear speaking help you listen for the key words and phrases. I teach English, you learn English. You learn English, I teach. We can have fun learning and teaching English together! I have Introduction to English videos, Beginner English lessons, Intermediary English lessons, Advanced English Lessons and video English lessons. English is a difficult language to learn fluent speaking, but with good education and a proper school teacher, you can learn English very quickly. Keep repeating phrases, verbs, nouns and paragraphs. Watch videos many times. Practice with your friends. Have a tutor or teacher to help you. Your accent can be reduced with proper accent reduction training. You can listen closely to the videos to help yourself study proper native English accent. Have fun!

English is fun to learn. English as a second language (ESL) lessons and videos make it easy to learn English! Please speak with your friends, practice using your language lessons and enjoy fluent practice. Accent reduction is also important.

These English as a second language (ESL) Lessons will help you learn without a school or a teacher. English should be easy and fun to learn! School is stressful and English is difficult to learn so relax and have fun!

Learning English is a good way to spend your time online. Free English as a second language lessons will help you learn English quickly!

Enjoy the fun ESL EFL Lessons and practice fluent speaking, reading, writing, talking, listening at home, school, with teachers, friends and family.

Do you want to speak fluent, accent reduction, American English? I will teach you. Practice speaking English and listen carefully to the videos. Use Google translate to check words that you are unsure of. Learning English as a second language takes time. The accent reduction is the hardest part. You can practice speaking perfect English or fast English. Try it; watch the videos and listen carefully to the words. Then speak yourself. Listen again the the words. Over time, your accent will be reduced. English is not easy. But at least you can enjoy your free school lessons with Teacher Phil English!