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Introduction - Learn English ESL Lessons for Beginner Students

These 'introduction to English' videos help you learn basic English words. You can speak English if you practice with lessons every day! English as a second language (ESL) is difficult, but if you have a teacher and a school, your fluency will improve. I hope you have fun learning to speak English today!

These free English as a second language (ESL) English as a foreign language (EFL) videos help you reduce your accent!

Remember to speak fluent English and practice with a friend, a teacher, or at school. Practicing speaking English with videos helps you learn English!

Have fun studying English! Second languages are hard so keep practicing and you will learn English quickly!

Study English every day to have fluent accent-reduced American accent English. Tests are okay but practicing and learning English ESL is much more fun!

Enjoy these English as a second language (ESL) English as a foreign language (EFL) free video lessons!

English is a difficult language to learn, even with a school teacher. There are so many grammar rules, exceptions, nouns, verbs, adjectives and confusing language lessons. Just relax and enjoy the lessons!

Fun is key when learning. School is stressful and teachers can be confusing. Remember that school is there to teach, but sometimes school can be wrong. Think for yourself!

Thank you for watching my free English lessons! Please view my YouTube channel >